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It started as a pretty normal day for the Buddy Police Youth.  However one thing that seemed to be out of the ordinary is that there were a number of Hundred Demon attacks.  Gao, Tetsuya, and Zanya each took out about ten monsters each, however by the end of the day all three of them plus buddy monsters were exhausted.

"Hey guys." Akatsuki said as he saw them walking out of the Buddy Police HQ "Are you all alright?

"We're totally pooped man!!" Tetsuya immediately responded "Asmodai is so low power now he had to turn into his mini form."

"You don't need to point it out Tets." Asmodai said pretty annoyed. "Bad enough my power is cut in half, but I don't even remember the last time I was in my mini form."

"After a day like this one, I almost can't wait to get back to school." Gao mentioned

"Well I don't know about you guys but I could use something to eat." Drum said

"I hear that YO!" Tetsuya practically shouted

"You guys up for going to my house?" Gao asked

"Will your folks mind?" Zanya asked

"You boys may want to make other plans!!" They heard come from out of nowhere.  An instant after, the First Knight of the Apocalypse, Gratos had appeared before them.

"You sure have a lot of nerve showing up here." Gao said

From Zanya's deck, there were two lights that became Tsukikage and Byakuya.

"We won't let you come close to us." Byakuya responded. Tsukikage merely responded with a "Nin."

"I won't have to." Gratos said as he generated two black orbs in his hands.  He then fired a beam from each of the orbs.  One swallowing up Zanya, Akatsuki, Tsukikage and Byakuya, the other doing the same Tetsuya and Asmodai.  When the smoke cleared, they all disappeared.

"What did you do to them!?!" Gao shouted in a fit of rage

"They were sent to alternate worlds. Where they ended up, I don't know" Gratos said as he was preparing another orb.

"YOU BETTER BRING THEM BACK RIGHT NOW!!!" Gao shouted as he was getting ready to attack him, not noticing the orb.

"Kid wait a second." Drum said in an attempt to stop him, but it was too late. The orb swallowed them up.

"Now with them out of the way, our plans can proceed." Gratos said to himself


"Zanya wake up" Akatsuki was shaking his brother awake.

"Where are we?" Zanya said as he came to.

"Not sure. Tsukikage and Byakuya left to check the area out."

As Akatsuki said that, the two ninja monsters reappeared.

"We have returned." Byakuya said almost triumphantly. "After traversing the forest we came across a pretty big school."

"Is it Aibo Academy?" Akatsuki couldn't help asking

"No, it’s a school known as Noble Academy." Byakuya responded "From we could tell, this place has absolutely nothing to do with Buddyfight!"

"Was there anything else around?" Zanya asked.  Tsukikage responded on his scroll with a "Not for miles."

"Well I guess we don't have much else of a choice." Zanya said "In case there really is nothing to do with Buddyfight, you guys will need to head back to the deck. Don't want anyone freaking out."

"Nin" "Understood" Tsukikage and Byakuya responded respectively as they went back to Zanya's deck.

After about a ten minute walk, they noticed an auburn haired girl in a pink checkered dress with a white collar watering a bed of flowers. As Akatsuki was ready to walk up to her, he couldn't help but notice that Zanya was stuck where he stood.

"Come on Zanya. I get how you are about girls, but it’s like Tsukikage said, this the only place for miles." Akatsuki said

"I know just give me a minute." Zanya said. He then turned his visor opaque, effectively blindfolding himself.

"Really Zanya?"

"For all I know this place could be an all-girls school."

"Fine, but you really need to get over this fear of girls you have."

"Is there anything you two need any help with?" the girl said as she approached the brothers

"We got separated from some of our friends and we were looking to stay here for a few nights." Zanya said "However first I must ask, is this an all-girls school?"

The let out a soft chuckle. "No, not at all."

Zanya couldn't help but let a huge sigh of relief.

The girl then held out her hand towards Zanya. "My name is Haruka Haruno."

"I'm Zanya Kisaragi." He responded by reaching out his hand and accidentally grabbing Haruka's arm.

"You missed her hand big time Zanya." Akatsuki pointed out.

Zanya then reluctantly turned his visor clear to offer a sincere apology. However when it was clear, he didn't freak out. In fact he couldn't help but feel a warmth coming from her.

"Anyway sorry for about this." Zanya said blushing a bit

"Don't worry." Haruko said as they put the arms back at their sides. "And you are?"

"I'm Akatsuki, Zanya's my older brother."

"Well it is nice to meet you both. Let me take you to the headmistress's office so we can get you a room."

After what felt like about a half mile walk, and about a half an hour with the headmistress, Zanya decided that enrolling in Noble Academy for a while would be the best option.  The headmistress agreed to let Akatsuki stay so long as he didn't cause much trouble.
Author's note: I would like to take a second and mention that this fanfiction take place a little after Cure Scarlet joined the team, but before Lock steals the keys on the Precure side. As far as the Buddyfight side, it happens just after Drum unlocked his Omni Lord Powers, but before any of the fifth omni cavalry dragons approved of him.
The next day, Zanya officially started classes at Noble Academy.  Overall he found the classes pretty challenging. There was a half day so things were wrapped fairly quickly.  Once everything was said and done, he heard someone calling his name.  He turned around finding out that it was Haruka.

"Hello Haruka" Zanya responded

"I heard that you enrolled, how has it been so far?"

"It's been challenging so far. Waiting on the uniform though."

"Good to hear. Anyway, my friends and I were going to head into town tomorrow. Do you want come with us?"

"Sure do you mind if Akatsuki comes? He's probably bored out of his mind with nothing to do."

"Not at all. I've got a younger sister myself and I know how important it is for siblings to be together. So I'll come by your dorm at about 10?"

"That will work. We're in room 104."

"Okay I'll see you then. Have a good day Zanya."

"Have a good day Haruka."

As they went their separate ways, Zanya couldn't help but feel some sense of joy as to how well he and Haruka were getting along.  However he reminded himself with the harsh reality that he was in a different world from his own and knew that he shouldn't his relationship with her evolve any further than what it already was.

Once he made it back to the dorm, he passed someone who was heading out.

"Hey you're the new guy in 104, right?"

"Yeah why?"

"It almost sounded like there was a couple of people in there."

"Oh that's probably just my brother and his imaginary friends." Zanya saying on the fly

"Well he seemed to be pretty loud."

"Alright I'll be sure to tell him to be careful from now on." Zanya said almost making a dash to his room.

Once he made it to the room, Zanya was quick to lock the door behind him.  When he turned around, he saw Tsukikage and Byakuya having their own Buddyfight with Akatsuki being the referee, an overactive one at that.

"What part of keeping a low profile are you guys not understanding?"

"Sorry Big Z. I honestly thought we weren't that loud."

"Tsukikage, how loud was it in here?"

Tsukikage responded on his scroll "We were told we were too loud at least three times."

"Look Zanya, it was my idea for Akatsuki to do it the way he was. So if you need to blame someone blame me." Byakuya said

"I do blame you now that I know that." Zanya said yelling "However I'm also disappointed in Akatusuki for going through with a bad idea when he hears it. We're still not even sure if they know of Buddyfight here. Someone could freak out call the police and we may never get home.  If you were any brother of mine, you would understand that."

"Well if you think I'm that much of annoyance maybe I'll just leave you so you don't need to worry about me!" Akatusuki yelled back

Akatusuki then jumped through the open window in the room and just made a run for it towards the forest.

"Akatusuki wait!" Zanya shouted ready to go after him. However Tsukikage and Byakuya held him back.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Going after him may not be the best choice in this case." Byakuya said

Tsukikage responded on his scroll "Just give him some time."

"Okay, but if he isn't back soon, I'm going after him."

Zanya just stared at his homework. Normally he can get through just any kind of work quickly, but he just couldn't think about anything except for his brother. Then his mind started to wander as to what kind of situation Akatsuki got himself into.  Whether it be he was cornered by some wild animals or even kidnapped and held for ransom.  Eventually the paranoia got to him.

"I'm heading out." Zanya then said as he grabbed his deck and headed out the door.

Tsukikage and Byakuya were shocked. Normally Zanya would never be this emotional.

"I'm absolutely speechless." Byakuya said completely surprised "Well we should help him find Akatusuki. Did you get a chance to put one of your clones on him before he went through the window?"

Tsukikage responded with a "Of course." on his scroll.

"Good. With all that was going on I only managed to do it with Zanya."

After which they set off.


At this point, Akatuski was pretty lost within the nearby forest.  In his rush to get away from his brother and a bit blinded by his tears, he wasn't paying attention as to where he was going.

"Oh man. How am I gonna get back?" Akatuski said to no one in particular

"You lost?" A voice suddenly said

"Who's there?" Akatuski said now scared

Turning around he sees what looks like an older man with dark orange hair that covers his eyes. He also wears a black hood with demonic eyes that can move, acting as his eyes, teeth, horns and wings with a padlock at the center. He wore a coat that was black, red and yellow and had what appeared to be a black onesie with a red zipper.

"You seem pretty lost to me."

"Who are you?"

"The name is Lock and I want to see your dream."

Then Lock sees that Akatuski not only wants to be a great ninja, but also have the respect of his older brother.

"Let me lock that dream inside a cage of despair. Lock your dream! Go Zetsuborg!"

With that, a ninja Zetsuborg was created from Akatuski's dream. 

"Weird this one seems to be stronger than the others." Lock noticed "This should be fun."

Tsukikage and Byakuya seeing this were absolutely shocked on what they had just witnessed.  They knew they had to Zanya quickly. As they took off, they didn't notice a certain bird-like fairy who also saw what just took place.


"Akatuski!" Zanya shouted as he walked through the forest. "Atatuski, where are you?"

As Zanya continued his search, he noticed what looked like a small house.

"Oh please be here." Zanya said as he ran up to it. He then noticed that there was a sign on the door that said "Student Council".

"Excuse me, is anyone in here?" Zanya asked as he knocked on the door. He heard a couple of voices inside, but could not distinguish them to anyone specific. He then heard someone walking up to the door, in turn backing away from the door a little bit. As the door opened it revealed a girl with dark turquoise hair. She wore a light blue long sleeved shirt with a lilac ribbon tied around her neck that rests just above her waist. With her shirt tucked into a dark blue pencil skirt.

"Can I help you with something?" the girl asked

"GIRL!" Zanya said as his visor cracked

"Everything okay out there Minami?" a second girl asked as she appeared to the front door. This one had brown hair tied into two low pigtails with a purple headband and yellow star earrings. Her eye color is purple. She wore a yellow off the shoulder shirt that has a frilly front and sleeves with the hem of her shirt tying into a bow along with teal and turquoise striped shorts and cream-colored wedged sandals.

At which point, Zanya was even more freaked out and fainted.

When Zanya started coming to, he was greeted by Haruka at his side.

"You okay Zanya?"

"Yeah what happened?"

"You fainted when my friends came to the door. Speaking of...” Haruka then pointed to the blue haired girl "This is Minami."

"Nice to meet you."

"And this is Kirara." Haruka said as she pointed over to the brown haired girl.

"Nice to meet you ZanZan."

"Nice to meet you both." Zanya said somewhat nervously

"Something wrong Zanya?" Haruka asked

"I guess so. You see Haruka, I normally get pretty nervous around girls which was why I fainted.  But for some reason, you're the first girl I've been able to keep calm around no matter what."

"In any event, would you mind telling us what you are doing out here?" Minami asked

"Well it's a bit of a story." Zanya responded.

After hearing Zanya's story, they agreed to help him search for Akatuski. However before they got the chance, a fourth girl with pink hair who wore a white and red dress with red heels and a white lacy headband walked in.

"Sorry I'm late everyone." the girl said

"Towa, what happened?" Haruka said

"I would've been here sooner, but I wanted to deal with the two outside first." Towa said referring to something outside.  As the girls and Zanya walked outside, Zanya was surprised to see what Towa was talking about were Tsukikage and Byakuya totally defeated and knocked out.

"I don't know what they are, but they don't seem to be Zetsuborg. They said that they needed to report to a Zanya."

"That would be me." Zanya said somewhat embarrassed.

"Then you wouldn't mind explaining who you are." Towa responded

"Okay, but you may not believe me when you hear this." Zanya said

"Try us." Kirara responded.

With that Zanya, explained to them how he, his brother and his two monsters came from another world. Once he finished, he was astonished that they did believe him to begin with. Before they had a chance to explain, Tsukikage and Byakuya started to wake up.

"Zanya we got a huge problem!" Byakuya said "Akatuski was turned into some sort of monster."

"WHAT!?! HOW!?!"

Tsukikgae responded with a "We have no idea!" on his scroll.

Just then the bird-like fairy flew towards them.

"Girls we have big trouble!"

"What is it Aroma?" Haruka asked

"A Zetsuborg just appeared in the forest and its coming this way."

Almost if on cue, Lock appeared with the Zetsuborg, with Zanya immediately noticing Akatuski in the cage.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO AKATUSKI?" Zanya yelled ready to attack Lock, when something held him back. He turned around to see that it was Haruka.

"Let us handle this." Haruka said "Everyone, time to transform."

[Click here for transformation]

Under normal circumstances, seeing four girls like this probably would've put Zanya into a coma, but he felt an intense warmth from the four girls. As the girls made their move on the Zetsuborg, for whatever reason their attacks didn't even leave a scratch on it.

"I don't care what the reason, I made a great choice taking this runt's dream." Lock said as he watched the battle take place.

"That's my brother you're talking about!"

"Maybe, but he seemed pretty upset when I found him. If I had to guess, I'd say that he was thrown away like a piece of trash." Lock responded

As much as Zanya hated to admit it, but Lock had a point.  Had he not reacted the way that he did, Akatuski wouldn't be in this situation.  Zanya was close to giving into despair himself.

"Don't listen to him!" Haruka shouting snapping him out of it as they continued against the Zetsuborg

"Even if you came off harsh," Towa started

"You merely wanted to protect him." Minami chimed in

"You just need to say how you really felt." Kirara said

"And we'll help fight by your side so you'll be able to do it." Byakuya said

"No matter what the cost." Tsukikage responded through speaking

"Thanks everyone." Zanya said

At that moment, a light came from Zanya's deck case.  From the light, became a slimmer version of the Pretty Cures' Princess Perfume.

"ANOTHER PRINCESS PERFUME?!" Aroma shouted in shock "Well more of a Prince Cologne."

"How do I use it?" Zanya asked

"You insert a Dress Up Key and twist it." Aroma answered

"I don't have any of these keys."

"Let us worry about that." Tsukikage responded.

Both he and Byakuya quickly managed to turn themselves into Dress Up Keys.

"Well he goes something." Zanya said as he grabbed the key Byakuya turned into.

"Precure" Zanya shouted as his clothes and visor disappeared in a flash of sliver swords

"Prince Engage" Zanya said he inserted his silver Dress Up Key into the Prince Cologne and locks it into place. His cologne fills up with silver liquid that she sprays around him and on his hands, feet and body to make and reveal his new outfit of a silver coat with green accents with a gold jewel with the Precure emblem attached to his neck by a two layered bow, a light silver vest with green trims and buttons with a silver button down underneath it, as well as silver pants and tall silver boots with a green trim at the top. He then sprays the cologne once again in the air to create his small gold crown that has a green jewel in the middle with which he places on his head to make his hair grow longer, with his ponytail down to his waist and changes purple. He then strikes a pose to make his Dress Up Keys appear on a belt loop. He then lands on the ground and says "The Prince of clashing swords...Cure Katana. The dream you locked in the cold cage, I'll have you return it now. Prepare yourself."

As Zanya's transformation ended, his deck case came to him and became a katana with a key hole at the bottom of the hilt.

"Great another one to deal with." Lock commented "Get him Zetsuborg!"

As the Zetsuborg drew the sword on its back, Zanya quickly saw how it was going to attack. As the Zetsuborg took a swing, Zanya quickly inserted the Tsukikage's key into his sword and a straw dummy appeared in his place.

"Great where did he disappear to?" Lock said

"Over here!" Zanya shouted as he jumped in front of the Zetsuborg. He then inserted Byakuya's key into his katana.

"Precure... Nano Breaker!!" Zanya shouted as he sent out a flash of silver from his katana. The Zetsuborg attempted to block the attack with its sword, but it shattered and the flash effectively paralyzed the Zetsuborg.

"If you girls can change him back, now's your chance to do it!" Zanya shouted over to them.

The girls nodded in acknowledgement.

"Take Flight, Wings of Fire! Precure... Phoenix Blaze!" Towa shouted as she sent her attack.

"Sparkle! The power of three! Precure! Trinity Explosion!" The other girls shouted as their attack blasted forth.

The energy from the Trinity Explosion then coated the phoenix, causing the two attacks to combine. The attack hit the Zetsuborg cleanly causing it to shout "BURNING DREAM!"

As the Zetsuborg was purified, the girls and Zanya said "Gokigen'you"

"Tsk what a waste. Somehow I didn't even get any despair from the runt." Lock said as he disappeared

"Open..door to dreams" Haruka said as she released Akatuski from his cage and restoring his dream.

"Is he alright?" Zanya asked as he transformed back to normal running up to his brother

"He'll be fine." Haruka answered as the girls transformed back

"The purification tends to take a lot out of the people trapped." Towa mentioned

Akatuski then started to wake up.

"Zanya...that you?" he said somewhat weakly

"I'm here Akatsuki." Zanya said embracing his brother as tears started to stream down his face "I'm sorry for what I said before. I don't know why I blew up like that."

"No I'm sorry for being so careless." Akatsuki said as he started crying himself

"Don't worry about it." Zanya responded "I'm just glad you're safe."

As the brothers were having their moments, Kirara couldn't help but notice Zanya's keys on the ground.

"Zanzan, those little ninjas still seem to be in their key forms."

"Really?" Zanya said surprisingly as he started drying his tears.

As he picked up the keys, they both shot a beam of light in front of everyone, opening up a portal back to the Buddy Police HQ. After that, Tsukikage and Byakuya finally returned to their original forms.

"We would've changed back sooner, but we felt a lot of power building up that we needed to get rid of." Byakuya said

"That's a portal back to our world." Akatsuki shouted excitingly

"BUT WHAT IS THAT?!" Towa shouted pointing out a large armored, and robust beast, with multiple orange eyes.

"Its name is Yamigedo." Zanya responded "Like you guys have been fight the Zetsuborgs to save this world, I have been fighting him and his hundred demons in mine, and it looks like he is about to start his end game. We have to go back."

Before Zanya and the others had a chance to walk through the portal, he once again felt someone holding him back. He turned around to see that it was Haruka.

"Let us help you." Haruka said with a determined look in her eyes

"I know that look all too well." Zanya said knowing there was no sense in arguing "Tsukikage, Byakuya."

"On it." They both responded as they turned back into keys.

As Zanya, Akatsuki and the girls went through, they each transformed preparing themselves for their upcoming battle with Yamigedo.


In another world, Tetsuya found himself waking up in a cave.

"Oh man, what happened Asmodai?" Tetsuya asked not realizing right away that Asmodai was nowhere to be seen. As he stood up prepared to look for his buddy, a shine within the cave caught his eye. When he walked up to it, he found a small stone that looked like it had a DNA sequence in it.

"Cool, YO!" Tetsuya said as he picked up the stone and put it in his pocket "Now to get out of the cave."

As Tetsuya exited the cave, he found himself in a forest. Every few minutes, Tetsuya would call out Asmodai's name with no result. After about ten minutes, Tetsuya started to wonder if Asmodai was even around. After another 15, he started to wonder if anyone was around. He then decided to take a rest for a few minutes and start again. Before he had a chance to get comfortable, he saw a couple of objects that looked like water in the shape of a shuriken fly past.

"AAHHH!!" Tetsuya shouted "Which world is this any way!?!"

"Sorry about that." Tetsuya heard being said

Tetsuya turned towards the direction the shuirken was thrown and sees a bot wearing a blue collared shirt with short sleeves, darker blue jeans, red and white hat and red high top sneakers. With him is a yellow mouse-like creature and a dark blue frog like ninja with a long tongue.

"You alright?” The boy asked offering his hand to Tetsuya to help him up "I didn't think anyone was around here."

"Yeah." Tetsuya responding taking his hand "Just a little surprised."

"My name is Ash."


The Birth of Cure Katana! BF Crossover Ch.1
This certainly took me longer than expected. Been working on this since August but it is finally done. This story will have four parts in total, as to how long it will actually take, I haven't the slightest idea. For now, enjoy.



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